Here we give a snapshot of the art, imagery and symbolism of the white horse over the centuries.
Artists, such as Gauguin, Constable and Munnings have immortalised the white horse in their canvases and others in their pub signs, the latter still in use outside hostelries throughout Britain; and some in America where the imagery was taken by the early settlers.

Gauguin, Constable and Munnings depiction of the white horse


Pub Signs
King Richard II passed a law in 1393 whereby all hostelries had to hang a sign outside their premises to facilitate the official inspection of the ale they were selling. Here are some examples, the one on the bottom right taken from the logo of White Horse Inn, a nationally syndicated radio talk show in America comprising a round-table discussion on Christian Theology and Apologetics.The story behind the naming of the show is fascinating and a full account has been written up by Shane Rosenthal. In brief, the White Horse Inn was on the campus of King's College, Cambridge, England where in circa 1520 a group of English scholars met regularly to discuss Martin Luther's writings. These meetings over ale went on to become the spark which kindled the 'fire' of the Reformation, leading ultimately to the martyrdom of most of those who attended. In the words of one writer these men "would offer their lives to procure the truths of faith that they rallied for over pints of ale in that Cambridge pub", the White Horse Inn.

Whitbread white hosre sign from the Brian Timms Collection

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