White horses are immensely popular today not just among the general public but with organisations such as the Queen's Household Cavalry and the US Marine Corps Color Guard where they feature on ceremonial occasions.

The illustration here shows heavy white horses working in West Sussex.

Heavy Horses at the Weald and Dowland Museum, Singleton, West Sussex

Lipizzans, Andalusians & Camargue

The Camargue
The Camargue is the wide, marshy delta of the River Rhone. The white horse of the Camargue is a distictive breed and has its origins in prehistory, pehaps even in the extinct Soutre Horse. There is some speculation it may have been introduced to Spain and mixed with Andalusian stock as the result of armed conquest. The Camargue is very strong and is capable of running through belly-deep water and mud.

Originated as abreed in 1580 when Archduke Charles 11 started a stud farm at Lipizza on the Adriatic coast. He used imported Andalusians, Barbs and Berbers and bred them to the local white Karst horses. Today Lipizzans are mainkly white or grey and are very popular for dressage and for Royal and ceremonial occasions. For more information on white Lipizzans follow this link.

Named after Andalusia a province of Spain the Andalusian has developed from the early Iberian horse which had its roots in prehistory.Famed as the premier war horse from BC until the early Middle Ages, an Iberian White was used, for example, by William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings. Exactly what perventage of this early stock were white horses isn't known but the modern Andalusians are 80% white. Andalusians are very popular for dressage and like the Lipizzans are used by Royalty. More about white Andalusians, just follow this link.

Editor's Note
In equine circles white horses are referred to as Greys.
For more information on horse breeds follow this link.

The saying 'White Horses' seems to have originated in the Singapore Armed Forces but has found resonance in America. White Horses are the sons of influential Singaporeans including ministers, members of parliament, ex members, doctors, and senior civil servants. If you know the origin of this phrase and are familiar with the usage, especially in the context of the White House & George Bush (see below) , please drop a message in the Guestbook. Thank you.
The dictionary definition is this "white horse - a wave that is blown by the wind so its crest is broken and appears white" In addition there are several slang uses of the term.

"White House officials are considering buffing up George W. Bush's image as a 'White Horse' during his Vietnam years, and the slogan "From White Horse to White House" has been chosen to highlight his years of service in the US military."

"Bush Administration officials released a statement praising Singapore's White Horse system, where sons of prominent members of society are carefully nurtured during their NS days" - Talking Cock.Com

For a discussion about the White Horse System we suggest you read this article on the Workers PartyWebsite.



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