Horses have been given as gifts throughout recorded histor

Here are some examples of horses being offered as gifts and declined, others being whole-heartedly welcomed by the recipients.

But, in all cases the importance of the gift is undoubted.

Some Famous People and their Gift Horses

Gift Horse Delights Prime Minister Tony Blair.
Nobody is sure why Tony Blair didn't accept whole-heartedly the gift of a foal while on holiday in the south-west of France. Kathryn Blair, Tony Blair's daughter, was over the moon when she received the gift of a foal of the Pyrenees Merens breed from the Municipality of Saint-Martin d'Oydes. But, of course, there is nowhere to keep it near Downing Street. Kathryn has been taking riding lessons in Oxfordshire. The foal, however, was left in the safe-keeping of a local family who have children who can ride it.

Security-General Kofi Anann and his wife Nane Anann receive a Gift Horse in Turkmenistan Oct 2002.
On wednesday 23rd of October before leaving Ashgabat, the Secretary-General stopped at the National Hippodrome in Turkmenistan to view the Akhalteke a rare breed of horse which is said to be the oldest breed of horse in the world going back some 4000 years. They are renowned for their speed and endurance. There are only about 1500 individual horses in the whole country. Koffi Anann was offered as a gift a rare golden stallion called Kenar, the colouring being unique to the breed.

Should former Prime Minister John Major have looked in the horses mouth when he received it as a gift from the President of Turmenistan?
A spirited highly strung Akhalteke horse was given to John Major as a gift from the President of Turkmenistan which created a series of totally unintended diplomatic embarrassments. Months went by before Maksat the £30,000 horse was collected from its stables - giving offence to the President; and then after a long journey from central Asia it was rejected by the Queen's Life Guards as to frisky.

Robert.E. Lee and the Civil War Gift Horse.
In 1861 General Robert Lee whilst in command of the Wise Legion camped near the Big Sewell Mountains spotted a horse which took his fancy. He referred to it as 'my colt'. When winter approached General Lee was ordered to go to South Carolina whereupon to his surprise he came across the colt again still being ridden by its original owner. He was offered it as a gift but declined the offer but averred he would like to have it for a week to assess its capabilities eg 'look in the horses mouth'. If after this assessment he was still interested in it he would agree to buy it from its present owner. As the owner was suffering form a bad attack of camp fever he agreed to the sale at 200 dollars. The horse survived the war and was known as Traveller - yes! spelled the English way with two l's.- and General Lee asked for its pedigree.

Elizabeth Taylor and the Gift Horse in National Velvet.
Elizabeth Taylor admitted on the Larry King Show that she actually rode the horse in all the scenes of National Velvet with no stunt doubles to help. She said 'I had to do it. Everyone was afraid of the horse but me'. She was given the horse as a gift after the filming ws over - January 4th 2004.

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