Over the past five years, vet Stephen Ashdown has written many articles, spoken on equine matters and contributed widely to horse magazines.

Here he reproduces in the form of questions and answers about 100 topics, all of them common problems which afflict horses.

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Herbs for broken wind
Q My pony is 18 years old and suffers from being broken winded. I do light exercise everyday as instructed by my vet and use various remedies.

As my pony has got older the medications do not deem to be working so well as they used to. Is there anything you can recommend that I should try?

A. It is very dificult to get over such problems but I have had quite considerable success with many cases. The trick is to use products that keep the airways open but also desensitises the lungs and help clear mucus and debris which has accumulated inside.

My approach is to use two herbal formula, one which soothes all the soreness which is continously present and one to tackle the immune imbalance which lies at the heart of the problem.  I have found very good results after about a three months of treatment.

An alternative is the long use of chemical drugs such as Ventipulmin which can help greatly with mild types of problem but which will never get to the root cause.


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